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1. Individuals with 'High Sugar Type2D' feel always tired due to a lack of energy. They have more than enough digestive hormones to help the sugar to get into the cell. But the cell rejects the hormone, which affects the system's ability to get glucose from the blood into the cells to meet our energy needs. The digestive hormone works like a key between blood and cells. Without digestive hormones, cells can't use glucose for energy.

2. Individuals with 'High Sugar Type2D' experience frequent urination. Because of excess water present in the circulating blood system. Due to an imbalance of water homeostasis in the system cells. That extra water is filtered out from blood by the kidneys as urine,
Which is referred to as Polyurea. Here kidneys are overworked and could cause kidney damage over time.

3. People with 'High Sugar Type2D' experience excessive thirst. Because of water imbalance in the cell and out of the cell environment, which is called Osmosis. In the case of imbalance osmosis, water rushed to the higher concentration area from the lower concentration area.

In individuals with 'High Sugar Type2D', the water moved out from system cells to the circulating blood system. Because the concentration of sugar is higher in the blood than in the cell. Because the sugar can't get into the cell for energy. 

That's why the person feels continuously tired. And that's why all the water is coming out from the cell to the blood. And cause excessive thirst, which is referred to as Polydipsia.

4. In uncontrolled 'High Sugar', where blood glucose levels remain abnormally high, which is called hyperglycemia. Glucose from the blood cannot enter the cells to burn off and produce energy due to digestive hormone resistance. So the system can't convert the food you eat into energy. This lack of energy causes an increase in hunger & always feels hungry, which is referred to as Polyphagia also.

5. High levels of blood sugar resulting from 'High Sugar Type2D' can affect the ability to see by causing the lens to swell inside the eye. Located in the back of the retina. And the tiny blood vessels called capillaries can't function properly, due to the stiffening of the capillary blood vessel wall. Which resulted because of the stickiness of sugar. This caused a temporary blurring of eyesight, if untreated the person could lose vision.

6. In people with 'High Sugar Type2D' - digestive hormone resistance prevent the system from getting glucose from the blood into the system's cells to use as energy. When this occurs, the system starts burning fatty tissue and muscle for fuel, causing a reduction in overall physical mass.

7. The cause of tingling and numbness in people with 'High Sugar Type2D' is usually peripheral Neuropathy or nerve damage in the arms, legs, hands, and feet.

This complication results from high blood glucose levels damaging blood vessels of cells and nerves by stiffening the blood vessels. As sugar is very sticky when it is mixed with either water or blood. And the nutrients, gases, and wastes can't exchange. This resulted in the malfunction of the peripheral cells and nerves of the system.

And it is caused by tingling and numbness in the arm, legs, hands, and feet.

8. High levels of blood glucose in the system over time, caused by 'High Sugar Type2D' - can affect the nerves or cause Neuropathy. And lead to low blood circulation with necessary nutrients, gases, and exchange wastes, making it hard for blood. Which is needed for skin to repair by reaching areas of the system affected by sores or wounds. That's why the wounds or cuts usually took a long time to heal than usual.

9. Neuropathy often refers to nerve damage associated with high glucose circulating blood system for a long time. It can cause sexual issues, numbness, uncomfortable, or lack of feeling that can occur in the genitals, which can lead to erectile dysfunction or ED. Diabetic Neuropathy may also inhibit orgasm or make it difficult to feel sexual stimulation.

10. Women with 'High Sugar Type2D' are at increased risk for yeast infections than men. Because, as you already know from above, 'frequent urination or polyurea.' Where kidneys filtered out water from glucose, and the yeast loves sugar. A human genital is an ideal place for yeasts, especially for people with 'High Sugar' to live. And cause yeast infections.

Nutritionist Khan

Nutritionist Khan helps people to educate about the 'High Sugar Type2D'. And how to get not only symptomatic relief but also control over elevated sugar levels without the uncomfortable injections by proper meal plan. 

He is a nutritionist & specialized in educating individuals with the 'High Sugar Type2D'. Currently, he is living in Toronto, Canada, and working as a Chief Nutrition Officer at NutritionistKhan.com & WorkwithMoe.com. 

If you are interested to learn how to get control over the 'High Sugar Type2D' through proper meals, then reach out to him. And request a pitch-free discovery call today to brainstorm the best way to help you. 
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